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Kick starting a career in PR

May, 2016

Evie Kennedy, a student at the University of Chester, describes her work experience at Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim.

I am 20 years old and I am currently studying journalism at the University of Chester. Although studying journalism I am keen to explore what a career in PR is like. I have had experience in newsrooms but I decided that I wanted to see how the PR world works.

I started to research into PR companies in the South East and Maxim portrayed itself as being fresh, agile and creative. I decided that I would try my chance at getting some work experience with the company.

With having only very little experience in PR before, I was keen to start at Maxim to learn new skills and to gain valuable experience.

Going into any new company is daunting especially when you are completely new at everything you are going to be asked to do. But with the help of the team at Maxim I was fully guided and briefed about all the tasks I was given.

My first day

On my first day, I met the team at Maxim (and Alice) who all made me feel extremely welcome and my nerves and worries about my time here had disappeared.

I was then given my first piece of work, which was to draft a press release for London Array about a cycling event that they had recently sponsored. Before starting I was briefed about how to write a press release and I thought how hard could it be?

When I handed my finished press release to Phil and Erica to have a look over, it came back with red pen all over it; I really did have a lot to learn.


Throughout my time at Maxim I wrote press releases, newsletters, articles for websites, carried out research for new potential clients and attended a client meeting.

I worked a lot on Cripps law firm, drafting press releases and researching future awards that they could sponsor or even apply for.

I also produced two newsletters for Lappset, a leading manufacturer of playground equipment, about new products for schools and shopping malls.

Any client that I started work for, I carried out extensive research to familiarise myself with the audience and previous work so my style of writing would be appropriate.

As my time came to an end at Maxim my press releases were coming back with very little red pen and more praise.

I have gained new skills, invaluable experience and I have developed my transferable skills, which will all help me in my future career. I have really enjoyed my time and I have found out that PR is the career path I am going to take. I am no expert in PR as I have just started out, but with thanks to Maxim, I am well on my way.

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