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Gaining excellent PR experience for the future

July, 2014

Another summer of providing work experience to students kicks off with Chloe Chaudhry. Here she shares her thoughts on her week at Kent PR agency Maxim. 

Why Maxim PR?

I am 17 years old and just finished my AS levels. As I am now looking forward to University courses in English Language and Politics, I saw that PR was one of the careers that people go into after studying in these particular areas therefore I was really interested in knowing and learning what was required in the PR world.

Straight to Work

On my first day Sue introduced me to everyone at Maxim who all warmly welcomed me. I was then set my first task of writing a press release about one of their clients the Rochester Bridge Trust.

I found this task difficult, as I had no experience when writing a press release, however everyone was very friendly offering advice to help me along the way. I was given an example that showed me how precise at conveying information a press release had to be which I saw as the hardest thing about the writing. I got there in the end after feeling comfortable enough to ask people to read what I had written and receiving advice about things I should include.

Finally, I experienced the amount of time that goes into drafting and redrafting a press release, having Phil show me how I could cut down and improve at least four times!

Another day in the office

On my second day I was set a project-based task, which would give experience in my research skills. I was also told about a visit I would be attending the next day with Andrew, by sitting in a briefing between him and Rachel I was able to see the way they had set up the event and see how they were contacting the media who they hoped would turn up to cover the event.

Real life experience

The next day I was prepared for the event, a ministerial visit from the Minister of State at the Department of Energy & Climate Change and the local MP Laura Sandys there to officially open East Kent College’s Centre for Environmental Technologies.

When we got there I saw the preparation and the detail that goes into an event seeing how last minute changes could make a difference to the quality of the event. I was also lucky enough to walk around with the Minister on his tour of the new building; I then listened to his speech and the official opening of the new building.

By the end of the day after shadowing Andrew he realised that unfortunately since it was a busy day for the media, which meant that they weren’t able to attend. A press release and pictures were sent out the same day, which has resulted in media coverage.

I then experienced the quick nature of being able to think on your feet in a very short amount of time. After several phone calls Andrew had arranged to send the video recording of the event to both the BBC South East and ITV Meridian: ‘if they can’t come to you go to them.’

An end to a great week 

I have really enjoyed my time here at Maxim PR and really appreciated being able to go to one of their events to get some real life experience as well as learning how to write a press release. Everyone here has made me feel part of the team and given me invaluable experience for the future! 

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