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PR goes beyond the press

August, 2023

Effective public relations is much more than simply media relations – the value of a press release goes beyond just sending it to the media.

It’s about utilising the reach of all available channels to communicate with your target audience(s) and key stakeholders. In this case it is Locate in Kent, the county’s inward investment agency. 


The stories above highlight three of Maxim’s clients: 

  • Panattoni, Europe’s largest privately owned industrial developer and its £180m investment in Kent.
  • Discovery Park, Kent’s largest science and innovation community on a 220-acre site near Sandwich, and its work to promote STEM skills.
  • Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, and the Ministerial approval of the Kent & Medway Local Skills Improvement Plan, and partnership with the county’s further Education colleges.

Win-win marketing

In addition to the Locate in Kent website, all three stories were uploaded to our client’s respective website and shared across social media. However, the beauty of working with the likes of Locate in Kent is manyfold.

Firstly, the stories give Locate in Kent the opportunity to showcase to potential investors what’s going on in the county. Positioning Kent as a home for ambitious, forward-thinking business is what they are tasked with, and in some small way each of these stories helps them do this.

Secondly, the broadcasting of these stories on the Locate in Kent site is an impartial endorsement of what’s been done by these three organisations. It tells the visitor to the site that each story is worthy of being broadcast and helps your news reach a wider audience.

Extracting maximum value

The story has gone to the press, it’s been sent to the likes of Locate in Kent, but don’t forget to:

  • Put it to work on your social media channels. Post it on LinkedIn and get your colleagues to share it with their business contacts.

  • Consider sending it to your customers as part of an email or printed newsletter.

  • And always post it to the news section on your website.

Final thought

When thinking about where you should send your next press release always think beyond your list of journalists.

Consider who else might be interested in it, and that includes organisations that you might be a member of, or work with, such as your Chamber of Commerce or trade body. Perhaps your local MP may be keen to hear of your commercial success.

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