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Helping companies gain planning permission across Kent and the South East

October, 2023

Since Maxim was established in 1995, we have helped numerous public and private sector organisations to achieve planning permission for a wide range of schemes, including commercial and residential developments, major infrastructure and renewables projects.

Community and stakeholder engagement is an important part of the planning application process that should be implemented, or at least considered, early on in a project. If you’re making a substantial financial investment, you want to make sure you have the best possible chance of getting your plans approved.

The majority of the projects we’ve worked on over the years have been approved. You can explore the map below to get an idea of the types of schemes we’ve been involved with.

Use the legend to view the sectors and individual projects we've worked on. You can expand each layer by clicking on the small arrow indicated in the image below.


We work as part of the client’s project team alongside planning, transport and heritage consultants, architects and landscape designers. Our experience covers solar farms, offshore and onshore wind farms, energy-from-waste plants, residential developments, office space, commercial retail, hotels and business parks.  

Usually the first stage of any project is to map the stakeholders involved. Having worked in Kent and the South East for many years, we have extensive knowledge of parish, local and county councils, as well as MPs, community organisations and large businesses that may need to be consulted on plans.

Depending on the size, nature and location of the project, consultations can involve public exhibitions, written and face-to face briefings for key stakeholders, a dedicated project website, advertising, direct mail, social media, media relations and more.  

Most projects require a statement of community engagement, also known as a statement of community involvement or SCI, to be submitted to the local authority with the planning application. This document details how the community were consulted, and the results of that consultation. 

Of course, not every application is successful and there are many reasons why some projects don’t progress. It can be down to a change in Government policy, a change of direction for the company in question, or it simply doesn’t receive the support expected or needed. This can be down to insufficient engagement, a consultation that begins too late, or developers choosing not to taking advice from their team.

If you’d like to know more about Maxim’s experience of public consultations and community and stakeholder engagement, email or call us on 01892 513033.

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