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Tips for taking photos for the press

September, 2016

A good picture can tell – or even sell – a story so as a PR agency Maxim always advises clients to use a professional photographer whenever possible.

A press photographer (not a wedding photographer, an artist or the bloke down the road who's just got a new camera) will know exactly how to capture an image that is just right for the media. Generally, providing a good picture in the right format will mean a story is more likely to get used. Even news programmes on TV are open to submitted still shots these days. Making a small investment in a professional can make the world of difference.

However, there are times when budgets are tight or time simply doesn’t allow for a shoot to be arranged. Since the invention of the digital camera and then the smart phone, more and more people are taking their own shots. 

Unfortunately, owning a good camera does not make you a photographer. Over the years we’ve been sent many, many images that no amount of Photoshopping could repair.

We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve been asked to make a photo bigger, sharper, remove the shadow, change the colour of the sky, remove a person’s glasses – the list goes on. While it’s often possible to improve a photo, wouldn’t it be better to get it right in the first place?

We’ve gathered up a team of Lego people to help explain what not to do when taking a photo for the press – and we’ve also come up with some handy tips on how to get the best shot for the media.

Tips for taking photos for the press from Maxim



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