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New client is a #lidlsurprise for Maxim

October, 2014

We all know ranking high on Google is good for business, but having a good enough website to attract prospective clients – and the work capability to live up to your promise – are equally important. Fortunately, Maxim had all three when we recently landed a little project with a big name.

A national media company is working with Lidl to co-ordinate the next phase of the #lidlsurprises campaign, but when it was time to launch they needed a local company to support their PR in the community. Google put us top of their list.

Time was short so they called us to ask if we could help, telling us how we’d come to their attention and commenting how much they loved our website (thank you ifour). The project brief and price quickly agreed, we set about drafting a press release, swiftly approved, and contacting the local press and consumer media with the date and time. The client’s key targets were the county news outlets that their national media company simply didn’t have.

Less than a week later we were checking out the venue for the photoshoot, which would see mum and former member of pop group Steps Claire Richards hand over a year’s supply of craft material to a pre-school near Tunbridge Wells. Meeting the team for the first time, we quickly got up to speed on the timeline and selected key photographic opportunities, mindful we would be working around a film crew documenting the national campaign.

The day, the local press and the #lidlsurprises crew arrived, with Maxim and our professional photographer keeping a close eye on events, liaising with the pre-school and gathering caption information to ensure we did everything possible to achieve swift media coverage.

The result: links to popular news sites before the school closed for the day, a very happy client and a great little project to be involved in.


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