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Mark p-p-p-picked up a penguin and an iPod too

January, 2015

Congratulations to Mark Anderson, who completed our Christmas competition and won the star prize.

Mark, a Partner at accountancy firm Crowe Clark Whitehill, was among the many entrants who rounded up all six of the PR Penguins running amok on our website. And – as if that achievement wasn’t enough – his name was then picked at random from among the successful shepherds, making him the winner of a 16GB iPod nano.

He explained: “Having previously worked alongside our international associates on penguin identification, I applied my knowledge of Antarctica/UK double tax reliefs on penguin colony development costs (including R&D and tax credit claims) to target the most penguin-friendly pages.

“This enabled me to swiftly round up the lot and be back at my desk before lunchtime, ready to show them that corporate finance and tax advice will be more to their liking.”

The penguins, who tried very hard to become PR experts, were lost within the pages of this site at:

• Services
• Services/Media relations
• Services/Public affairs
• Portfolio
• News/Maxim launches the Kent Press & Broadcast Awards 
• About

The penguins are very grateful to all the entrants who tried to round them up but have realised PR (and accountancy too) perhaps isn’t the career for them. They’ve swum south for the rest of the winter, but watch out, who knows when they’ll be back, and what jobs they’ll have their sights set on next…

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