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Office dog Alice makes it to BBC One

May, 2018

At Kent PR agency Maxim, the staff are well aware that office dog and Chief Morale Officer Alice Knight is the most popular member of the team. Now it seems it’s been proved as she appeared on prime time TV.

When our friends at ifour creative agency won the Food Foundation’s Peas Please creative advertising competition, their ‘Veg Power’ ad (below) was adopted by a campaign to encourage children to get excited by veg and consume more on a regular basis.

Spearheaded by healthy food campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the campaign featured in the culmination of the BBC One series ‘Britain’s Fat Fight’, which included several shots of people holding carrots to up their head, mimicking the veg power ad.

When the ad was first released, we wanted to do our bit to support the campaign so duly purchased some carrots and gently encouraged Alice to pose with them for our social media channels. She’s a natural in front of the camera and so it came as no surprise that the BBC production team picked her photo to feature in the show – and that’s how Alice ended up on prime time TV.

Obviously Alice wasn’t the only one to join in with Veg Power; numerous celebrities and members of the public have also shown their support. You can read more about ifour creative agency's input here - they supported the campaign free of charge, providing a landing site, animation, social media assets and multiple print formats. 

If you agree with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall that the government should be responding to questions about the obesity crisis, then please sign this letter

To find out what Alice gets up to on a normal day in the office, take a look at the video below or read her article on the importance of the office dog


Rachel Knight - Director

Rachel Knight

Maxim / Director

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