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The importance of the office dog

August, 2015

In honour of National Dog Day, Alice Knight, a Havanese puppy who lives with Maxim account director Rachel Knight, describes her role as Chief Morale Officer at the Kent PR agency.

I think it’s fair to say I have one of the most important roles at Maxim. Since I started coming into the office a year ago, I have definitely made it a happier place to work.

I’m always extremely keen to get into the office in the morning and spend the first 10 minutes of the day running between my colleagues, licking them and generally checking they’re ok. Our office manager Sue is kind enough to give me treats each morning and I get cuddles from everyone else.

People often arrive at work a little glum – purely because of the early start or the battle they’ve had with traffic and finding a parking space – but as soon as they see me their mood changes. I know when someone is entering the building long before they’ve reached our floor so I’m always ready to greet them and possibly have a nibble on their shoes. I have to confess I have a bit of a footwear fetish but I am trying to wean myself off.

During the day I like to nap a lot but every now and again I’m woken up to play fetch. This usually means one of my colleagues needs a screen break or has become a bit stressed so it’s my job to calm them down, look cute (which I do incredibly well) and get them back to their desk refreshed and ready to take on their next task.

We often have people here for meetings and most of the time I’m allowed to go along. Mum holds me back until we find out if our guests like dogs (who wouldn’t?) and then I’m free to greet them in my usual manner – sniffing, licking etc. Apparently I’m a great icebreaker and I consider this a key part of my job.

I must admit to the odd bark in the workplace, even though I know this is frowned upon. The trouble is we have a lovely garden at Maxim and I’m keen to have a run around as often as possible – a little bark is the best way of getting mum to take me out there.

Everyone agrees Maxim is a happier place since I joined the team. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I receive a salary to reflect the important part I play in the company.

To keep up to date with Alice, like her Facebook page at Alice Colin Knight.

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