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Maxim meets the Mighty Eagle

June, 2012

More than 100 of the world’s major media outlets covered the launch of Angry Birds Activity Parks recently, making it one of Maxim’s most successful projects to date.

Tasked with launching the parks in the UK on behalf of Lappset Group Ltd, which has teamed up with mobile game developer Rovio Ltd, Maxim’s brief was to assist in arranging an event at the Finnish Ambassador’s residence in London, secure national media coverage and raise brand awareness.

Maxim has worked for Lappset UK Ltd, a leading manufacturer of play, sport and park equipment and Lappset’s UK-based daughter company, for almost two years but this was the first project carried out for the Finnish parent company.

Rachel Knight, who led on the work carried out by Maxim, said: “As Angry Birds is such a popular game we were confident that there would be a reasonable amount of interest from the press. However, we were delighted that six national journalists attended the event including representatives from The Telegraph and The Times – Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka, known as the ‘Mighty Eagle’ proved to be a big draw.

Worldwide media coverage

“Thanks to coverage from the BBC and Reuters, the story quickly spread around the globe with more than 500 online articles appearing. Local radio stations and newspapers in the UK picked it up and Lappset was soon receiving enquiries from all over the world.”

Elisabeth Braw, Senior Reporter at Metro International, commented: “I had been wanting to interview Angry Birds’ Peter Vesterbacka for months, but was making no progress setting up an interview appointment. Then I got in touch with Rachel Knight at Maxim PR, who promptly arranged a half-hour face-to-face interview in London. She was extremely helpful along the way — and responded to every email. I look forward to working with her again.”

As well as managing the media relations, which included booking and briefing a photographer, preparing press packs and arranging interviews, Maxim was also heavily involved in the event organisation, which was led by Victoria Grigg.

The role included: arranging printing and mailing of more than 400 invitations to potential customers; collating responses, organising information packs and name badges; and extensive liaison with the Finnish Embassy.

Johan Granholm, Director of Sales and Marketing at Lappset Group, said: “We highly value the contribution from Rachel and Victoria in creating a successful event in London. They were very proactive in setting up the media interviews along with other details and we truly succeeded in the media coverage.”

Lappset Group’s Marketing Communications Manager Irma Kuukasjärvi added: “Creating brand awareness is very important for a company like Lappset, and particularly important in countries where our brand isn’t as known and recognised as it is in Finland.

“The Angry Birds launch in the UK created a massive amount of media coverage. So, thank you very much to Maxim for all the work you did for this!”

Rachel Knight - Director

Rachel Knight

Maxim / Director

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