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My Maxim experience

September, 2015

Canterbury Christ Church student Michelle Mochi, 20, spent 100 hours with Kent PR company Maxim to learn more about the PR industry as part of her work related learning module.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Maxim, learning how to improve my writing skills and how to write for a specific type of audience. I also observed business meetings, which then allowed me to understand how business relationships work and the planning needed for each article written.

My first day at Maxim

My first day involved me tackling press releases and Philip sharing his obsession with wind farms and my views on how to get students interested in supporting renewable energy projects.

I learnt about invoices and how a client-business relationship works. It was interesting to see how each person contributes to a task or piece of work; this really showed how well Maxim works as a team.


My tasks included writing press releases, doing research, coming to business meetings and helping out when I could. I specifically enjoyed researching for people and writing press releases for Cripps. This is because I learnt a lot about legal advice that I found very interesting. Maxim gave very good feedback and helped improve my style of writing. I also wrote press releases for Rochester Bridge Trust, Lappset, Ardo, and Betteshanger Sustainable Parks.

Working environment

Maxim was a lovely working environment and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Everyone was very patient with me as I took a while to write press releases. However, as my confidence grew I was able to write press releases much faster. It was nice to see everyone getting along so well which I feel is important in a working environment. I was also lucky enough to spend some of my days in the company of Alice and Gladys, two adorable dogs, which I enjoyed very much.

Media and Communications at university

One of my modules on the Media and Communications course required me to do work experience too, and I am pleased that I had chosen Maxim. At university we have never been asked to write a press release but to look at good and bad examples of press releases. I then used that as a starting point in my own press release writing. I believe this work experience will benefit me at university for my last year. One of the modules I find particularly interesting is multimedia, as we have to create our own brand and use different media platforms in order to promote or ‘sell’ our idea.

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