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Ad blocking puts content in the spotlight

April, 2017

With nearly one in seven British adults using ad blocking software, marketers are turning back to content to help them connect their brands with consumers, writes Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim.

The Internet Advertising Bureau’s UK Ad Blocking Report, conducted by YouGov, found – not surprisingly – the main reason cited for blocking ads was that people found them interruptive or annoying. More than half (54%) believed the ads slowed down their web browsing and 46% felt the ads were irrelevant.

The IAB report found men were twice as likely to block ads as women: 22% of men versus only 9% of women.

Users aged 18-24 are the most prevalent ad blockers (34%) compared to 19% for 25-34-year-olds. And if millennials are a target, news from the States that 63% use ad blocking software will not please online advertisers.

Ads fund free access

Unfortunately for publishers, the British public has failed to make the connection between online adverts and free access to websites, with only 44% of adults aware most websites are free thanks to advertising revenue.

Under attack on two fronts

With ad blocking on the rise, many publishers will be concerned that – following their switch to digital after seeing printed revenue streams dwindle – they may once again find themselves suffering falling revenues, as use of blocking software rises.

While digital advertising continues to grow, it is unfortunately the publishing community that’s being tipped for further falls in 2017, although the pace of the decline has slowed.

National publishing newsbrands are forecasted for a -7.9% decline in ad spend, as digital growth of 2.2% fails to offset declines in print advertising. A gloomier outlook for regional newsbrands puts overall ad spend at -8.6%, while magazine newsbrands slow ad declines to -5.1%.

Opportunity to be more creative

After seven consecutive year of growth in the UK’s advertising market, many business are looking at how to promote themselves – and digital content is increasingly being viewed as the most effective route.

If users already value your business and your brand, why not become a publisher and build brand preference through your own content? Maxim can help by combining its collective PR and journalistic skills to help companies offer their own engaging content.

Focus on your audience, on the quality of your web content and you’ll see a difference, especially if what you’re saying is personalised and gives value to the user.

Andrew Metcalf - Director

Andrew Metcalf

Maxim / Managing Director

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