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Constructing a case for development

The construction industry is vitally important to the economy in the South East. There are some fantastic companies, but too often before a spade can be put in the ground there’s the need to navigate the court of public opinion, and that requires good communication from the start.

October, 2023 more

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Helping companies gain planning permission across Kent and the South East

Maxim has helped numerous public and private sector organisations to achieve planning permission for a wide range of schemes, including commercial and residential developments, major infrastructure and renewables projects.

October, 2023 more

Awards shortlistings can do wonders for your brand

All awards involvement is good, so make sure you celebrate taking part.

September, 2023 more

PR goes beyond the press

Effective public relations is much more than simply media relations – the value of a press release goes beyond just sending it to the media. It’s about utilising the reach of all available channels to communicate with your target audience(s) and key stakeholders.

August, 2023 more

Understanding the political landscape

A key part of our work involves advising clients on the political landscape, and how best to engage with local stakeholders. MD Andrew Metcalf gives an insight into what recent political changes might mean for local businesses as we edge closer to the General Election.

August, 2023 more

Are you good company?

Andrew Metcalf, Managing Director of Kent PR, marketing and public affairs agency Maxim, considers what it takes to demonstrate you’re a good company.

August, 2023 more

When is it okay to let others use your brand?

Erica Jones, Account Director at Kent-based PR, marketing and public affairs agency Maxim, explains why it can be good to let your brand out into the wild.

July, 2023 more

Is my news really newsworthy?

Erica Jones, Account Director at Kent-based PR, marketing and public affairs agency Maxim, considers when something is – and isn't – news.

June, 2023 more

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