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Can Kent square the triangle?

When it comes to growth in life sciences, the Golden Triangle – the area between London, Oxford and Cambridge – continues to lead the way. However, news of the arrival of a Chinese pharmaceutical investment at Discovery Park leads Maxim’s Managing Director, Andrew Metcalf, to consider whether Kent could be well placed to square the triangle when it comes to alternative locations.

May, 2024 more

Erica is (finally) running a marathon

Account Director Erica Jones shares a personal view of cancer, covid and the London Marathon.

March, 2024 more

Maxim Director Joins Leas Lift Board of Trustees

Rachel Knight, Director at Maxim, has been appointed to the volunteer Board of Trustees supporting the restoration and re-opening of the Leas Lift in Folkestone.

March, 2024 more

Tenth Kent Press & Broadcast Awards goes live

The tenth Kent Press & Broadcast Awards (KPBA) is now open for entries. Designed to recognise and reward local journalism, the not-for-profit scheme is organised by Maxim.

February, 2024 more

Planning for the 10th year of the Kent Press & Broadcast Awards

As we’re now in the 10th year of the awards, we want to make sure we are still running the not-for-profit scheme as well as we possibly can, so we conducted a survey to ask potential entrants for their thoughts. 

January, 2024 more

Maxim’s Christmas gift (and the end of the Maxim calendar!)

Maxim has delivered a car full of gifts for children across Kent to kmfm as part of the radio station’s Give a Gift appeal.

December, 2023 more

Reflections on remote working

Three years after moving to Spain, Philip Jones reflects on some of the issues he has experienced while working remotely.

November, 2023 more

Why ghosting in business has to stop

Are business relationships now as disposable as those on Tinder? Approaching agencies, suppliers or freelancers and then ghosting them needs to stop.

November, 2023 more

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