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Learning about life in Public Relations

University of York student Lydia Thurlow, 21, joined the team at Maxim during a week-long experience learning what PR is all about.

June, 2019 more

Mary in the Maxim offices

Degree done… now what?

University of Exeter graduate Mary Dewar explains her week’s introduction into public relations at Kent-based PR and marketing agency Maxim.

July, 2018 more

To dunk or not to dunk, that is the question

Newcastle University graduate Beth Starke, 22, spent a week getting to grips with the world of PR (and causing a heated debate over whether to dunk biscuits in tea) at the Tunbridge Wells-based communications agency Maxim.

November, 2017 more

Good communication is a must for scientific research

Biology student Aoife Cantwell Jones, from Imperial College London, learns how to improve scientific writing through two weeks work experience at Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim.

September, 2017 more

A week at Maxim: An insight into the world of PR

Durham University student Jack Reed, 19, spent a week at Kent-based PR agency Maxim, learning about the PR industry and going out for breakfast with Director Andrew Metcalf.

July, 2017 more

A creative insight into PR

Newcastle University student Olivia McDaid, 19, spent a sunny week at Maxim, learning about the industry and how creativity can be applied in the real world.

September, 2016 more

Charlie 'leafs' Maxim with a sweet tooth for PR

University of Nottingham Student Charlie Crossley, 20, spent a week at Maxim learning about PR and not making very much tea for Andrew.

September, 2016 more

A week of work experience at Maxim

Emily Yandle, 17, describes her week of work experience at Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim.

July, 2016 more

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