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Kent journalists’ worst moments

We asked Kent journalists to describe the worst or most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to them in their jobs. We got such a variety of answers – from the genuinely traumatic to those that made us gasp or laugh out loud.

October, 2023 more

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PR goes beyond the press

Effective public relations is much more than simply media relations – the value of a press release goes beyond just sending it to the media. It’s about utilising the reach of all available channels to communicate with your target audience(s) and key stakeholders.

August, 2023 more

Is my news really newsworthy?

Erica Jones, Account Director at Kent-based PR, marketing and public affairs agency Maxim, considers when something is – and isn't – news.

June, 2023 more

Finalists unveiled for Kent Press & Broadcast Awards 2023

The finalists for the ninth annual Kent Press & Broadcast Awards (KPBA) have now been revealed, after the team of independent judges personally reviewed almost 100 entries across 14 categories.

June, 2023 more

Kent Press & Broadcast Awards 2023 open for entries

The Kent Press & Broadcast Awards (KPBA), the not-for-profit scheme designed to celebrate and reward local journalism, is now open for entries.

March, 2023 more

Cost of living crisis sees scaled-back Christmas ads

As Christmas fast approaches, brands are vying for our attention more than ever but with the cost of living crisis a real concern, this year seems a little different.

December, 2022 more

What are FAQs and why do I need them?

Frequently asked questions can be a valuable business tool, writes Maxim Account Director Erica Jones, if you take the time to prepare and share them.

November, 2022 more

Look after your personal brand

These days your personal brand can be just as important as an organisation’s, whether you’re a national figure or simply a business person trying to get on with an everyday job, according to Rachel Knight, Director at Maxim.

September, 2022 more

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