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Difficult times for business publications

The demise of a publication that for many years was an integral part of the regional business community gives Andrew Metcalf, a Director at Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim, cause to reflect.

August, 2020 more

Wetherspoons calls time on social media

Is the decision from Wetherspoons' Tim Martin to call time on social media a cynical ploy to simply cut costs at the budget pub chain, or are the likes of Twitter and Facebook going a little flat for some brands? Andrew Metcalf and Rachel Knight of PR and marketing agency Maxim give their views.

April, 2018 more

Ad blocking puts content in the spotlight

With nearly one in seven British adults using ad blocking software, marketers are turning back to content to help them connect their brands with consumers, writes Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim.

April, 2017 more

President Trump’s PR spokesperson - the toughest PR job just got tougher

Press secretary to President Trump, Sean Spicer has just made his life so much harder by not following the fundamental rules of PR. Andrew Metcalf, director of Kent PR and marketing agency Maxim, examines what’s behind the epic media fail and how things might be turned around.

January, 2017 more

‘We’re the Superhumans’ sees Channel 4 take Olympic gold

It seems Team GB’s performance in the media league table helped deliver for the BBC during the Olympics. However, with the nation’s broadcaster having the rights and being ad free, what impact has that had on the success of advertisers?

August, 2016 more

New Day for newspapers?

With the demise of the print edition of The Independent and the arrival of a new newspaper named New Day, Andrew Metcalf considers the ever-changing media landscape.

February, 2016 more

Web award for Maxim?

Maxim is a finalist in the first Kent Digital Awards which organisers say received ‘an outstanding number of entries.

May, 2015 more

How to be a social media success

Erica Jones, Senior Account Executive at Kent PR agency Maxim, offers some tips on social interaction online.

February, 2015 more

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